Get A New Crochet Pattern & Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Every Month When You Join The Ideal Me Crochet Challenge
Plus, Crochet Along With An Expert Instructor And Share The Experience With A Community Of Other Crocheters Of All Levels
Join The Ideal Me Crochet Challenge & Get Access To The 4 Part Platform
  • A New Crochet Class Every Month Led By An Expert Crochet Instructor And Complete With A Pattern & Step-By-Step Video Tutorial 
  • The Ideal Me Crochet Community 
  • The Essential Crochet Skills Library
  • Participation In Monthly Crochet Prize Packages 
What You Get When You Join Today
Part 1 Of 4: A New Crochet Class Every Month
Every month we host a new crochet challenge class.

In this class you'll be taught by an expert crochet instructor and receive a beautiful pattern and a step-by-step video tutorial for that pattern. The class is designed to give you everything you need to accomplish that project in  a 30-day period. 

This class is hosted online, and designed for all crochet levels (yes, even complete beginners) and is completely go at your own pace. 

You’ll learn new skills, overcome the fear of failing and get the satisfaction of learning new skills.
  • A Downloadable Pattern -  A Downloadable Written Pattern That You Can Print And Use To Follow Along At Your Own Pace
  • The Project Video Tutorial - A Professionally Filmed Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Of the Project Created By Our Crochet Expert
  • Daily Instructions & Motivation - In Addition To The Step-By-Step Video Training You'll Also Receive Home Work Assignments & Instructions  From The Crochet Instructor Designed To Help You Complete Your Project & Improve Your Skill. 
  • Lifetime Access -  You'll Get Lifetime Access To The Pattern & Video Tutorials For The Classes You Participate In So You Can Login And Access Them Anytime And Go Completely At Your Own Pace
You'll be able to login and watch or re-watch it as often as you like, whenever you want. It could be when you have free time in the evening or bright and early in the morning. It doesn't matter. 

We have students enrolled from all over the world: U.K, South Africa, Norway, Australia, Canada and the U.S so know that it doesn't matter which time zone you are on, al that matters is that you love to crochet, are looking to learn or want to improve your skill because this is completely go at your own pace. 
This Months Crochet Project
This Month You'll Learn How To Crochet Pillows & Poufs
Crochet Pouf & Pillows Challenge
In This Months Challenge You'll: 
  • Two Great Patterns - This months challenge class you'll get not one but two great patterns for both the pouf & pillow. 
  • Double Crochet Clusters - You'll learn the double crochet cluster stitch. This technique creates a beautiful texture and lace like pattern appearance that will leave people thinking you spent months on this project, not weeks!
  • Color Changing-  In this pattern you'll learn how to incorporate color changes into your project. The instructor has chosen to use 3 colors, but you can customize your colors to use 1 or 2. It's up to you :) 
  • Single Crochet & Double Crochet Stitch- For those of you who are unfamiliar with these stitches, you'll learn how to do single crochet & double crochet stitches.
  • Finishing Skills - In any crochet project it's essential to learn how to finish your project beautifully so it looks polished and your ends are weaved in to perfection.
Part 2 Of 4: The Ideal Me Crochet Community
Exclusive access to the most inspiring, helpful and friendly community of crocheters on the planet. 
You'll meet other crocheters who are also part of the Ideal Me Crochet community and be able to interact with our expert crochet instructor and ask any questions any time you have them.
Part 3 Of 4: The Essential Crochet Skills Library
After you sign up for the Ideal Me Crochet Challenge you'll get instant access to the Essential Crochet Skills Library. 

This is perfect for someone who is a beginner, or you just want to brush up on a specific skill for a new project. 

You'll get professionally filmed step-by-step video tutorials on essential skills like: 
  • How To Read A Pattern - How To Read A Crochet Pattern & Understand The Symbols. This Is Essential, Many People Learn The Stitches But Fail To Understand How To Read A Pattern Which Causes Endless Confusion. 
  • How To Read A Yarn Label - You'll Learn How To Know Which Yarn To Use With Which Hooks.
  • Foundational Skills - If You're A Complete Beginner To crochet You'll Learn How To Create A Slip Knot, Chain On And Make Your Foundational Row.
  • Color Changing- You'll learn how to incorporate color changes into your project so you can use 1, 2, 3 or as many colors as you'd like in your next project. 
  • Hold To Hold The Crochet Hook - In This Video You'll Learn How To Properly Hold Your Crochet Hook To Ensure Your Tension Stays Even.
  • Crochet Stitch Library - In This Section Of The Essential Skills Library We Show You Step-By-Step Videos For Many Crochet Stitches From Single Crochet & Double Crochet To More Exciting Stitches Like The Basket Weave Stitch.
  • Finishing Skills - Here You'll Get Access To Important Videos On Your Finishing Skills Like How To Weave In Ends Seamlessly & Leave Your Work Looking Polished. 
Part 4 Of 4: Challenge Prize Packages 
Every Month You Can Win BIG! 
Over $500 In Prizes & Weekly Contests - Prizes Like Yarn Gift Certificates, Bamboo Hooks, Crochet Kits And More. Everyone Will Be Entered To Get A Chance To Win, Plus There Will Be Special Prizes For Mini Contests We Hold Like “Most Helpful Student” “ Most Creative Project” and more! 
$19/Month - No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime
Sneak Peak: Get A Behind The Scenes Look On The Film Set Of The 30-Day Crochet Challenge
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)
Why Can't This Be Free?
I worked really hard to keep the cost as affordable as possible. Keep in mind that I'm hiring a crochet instructor and that this instructor will be working a minimum of 50 hours over the next month to help participants have success with this project. This combined with the cost of filming the project adds up quickly :) Also, in the past I've noticed that when there is a small fee for a 30-day challenge it tends to make the participants more serious and bring together a more committed group of people. 
Is There A Refund Policy?
Absolutely. All Ideal Me products come with a full 30-day money back guarantee. You can test out the challenge and if you decide it's not for you, simply let me know and I'll provide a full refund. We take the risk, you get the reward. Isn't that how business should be? 
Can You Download The Material? And Can I Go At My Own Pace?
Yes, you'll be able to work through this crochet project at your own pace so no matter what time you have to work on the project you'll be able to access the course material anytime.
I'm A Beginner, Can I Participate?
Anyone who loves to crochet can participate. Don't worry if you're not experienced. Our instructor and the participants in the class will help you complete this project :) 
I Work Full Time / I'm On A U.K / Australian / Asian Time Zone. Can I Still Participate? 
Absolutely. The 30-day challenge doesn't require you to be online at any specific time. You can work on the project at 7am or 7pm. It's totally up to you. 
Does This Project Require Specific Yarn/ Hooks? Or Can I Use Yarn I Already Have?
The pattern  will recommend the use of a specific sized hook but we'll also share with you how to adjust the pattern if you'd prefer to use a different type of hook.  You won't be required to buy new yarn.
When Does The 30-Day Challenge Start? 
A new challenge starts every month.  The next one starts Sunday April 23rd. After you sign up, we'll email you more information on when the challenge starts and how to join the private members forum for participants. 
What Project Will We Work On During The Challenge?
We'll be working on creating an afghan blanket. These blankets are great for all skill levels. You'll learn new stitches and at the end of the 30-days have a cozy new crocheted blanket. These are great for babies, gifts or just yourself! 
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$19/Month - No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime
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$19/Month - No Minimum Contract. Cancel Anytime
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